Innovative, Sustainable Drinking Water Solution 

Solves Drinking Water Problem


Innovative Water Purification Technology


 AROSIA Water ATM can be integrated with various water purification processes like arsenic removal, fluoride & iron removal and reverse osmosis. Solar powered dispensing of water in absence of electricity.  Solar powered purification in absence of power supply can also be integrated 

Sustainable Solar and Lithium Energy


AROSIA Water ATM also comes with inbuilt powerful lithium ion battery for running the entire plant in case of power shortage. Automatic prepaid card based dispensing system for quick & easy access to clean drinking water 

Real Time Smart Monitoring Water Quality


Daily, weekly and monthly reports can be generated to analyse the quality of water in AROSIA Water ATM. Smart Remote Monitoring system to track water flow rate, TDS, tank level, pH, temperature,  filtration system remotely (GSM/GPRS based)

Drinking Water Crises

 According to Niti Ayog composite water management index (June,2018), nearly 17% of the world population reside in India and 600 million people in India face water stress. The study report further stated that 70% of water is contaminated and India is ranked 120 among 122 countries in water quality index.  

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Our Solution



  • Arosia Water ATM designed for urban, rural and remote population like hilly terrains, mining industries
  • Water purification system for arsenic, fluoride, iron and other impurities.
  • Solution based on ‘Internet of Things (IOT)’
  • Solves urban water needs in Smart Cities
  • Solar powered system packed with powerful lithium batteries for rural areas with no electric power required.
  • Water is dispensed on pay-per-use basis for the end-user.
  • Price of drinking water can be as low as Re. 1 per Litre.

How it Works


AROSIA for Rural Areas, hilly terrains, mines where there is no electricity

  • Water purification system for arsenic, fluoride, iron and other impurities requires electricity
  • Solar Energy is stored by solar panels for purifying and dispensing water.
  • This power packed Lithium Ion Batteries are used for purification during night and rainy season.


AROSIA Cloud Platform displays

  • Quality of water dispensed
  • Amount of water dispensed
  • Event based alert generation
  • Remote and preventive maintenance and operation

Our Work

  After launching several offline and online campaigns around water safety, rights, health and economic empowerment, we realized that for true scalability of our impact and sustainability of our work, technology had to play the biggest role.    

AROSIA at School and Hospitals


Schools in Haldia have appreciated the low maintenance solution to their drinking water worries. Indian Oil’s CSR division had funded this project.

AROSIA on hilly Terrains and Smart Cities


Solar based Arosia water ATM were an instant hit with the local population as well as tourists of Lansdowne, Uttarakhand. They were able to get potable water even during rainy and winter season when there were frequent electricity cut.  Hydrotec Solutions is based out of Newtown, Kolkata

Our Mission

We are a social enterprise in India that creates interactive and engaging technology products and services to make clean drinking water accessible,affordable and accountable for all.

AROSIA is investing time, skills, and knowledge to fulfill our vision of providing safe drinking water to all. We have already touched lives of Millions of people by providing clean drinking water at affordable price, spreading smiles and promoting good health. 

Our Team

Rituparna Das - Founder & Director


Rituparna is asocial innovator and campaigner in using the power of technology to  empower people of rural India. She is passionate about using the power of internet not only to connect people,but to save lives of millions by preventing water borne diseases.

Rituparna is the founder and Director of social enterprise Hydrotec Solutions, an Indian -based IOT + technology startup that has an ambitious dream of providing clean drinking water to even the rural est part of the world. Want to talk to Rituparna? Book a meeting with her. 

Navin Gupta - Founder & CEO



Navin is a technologist and social innovator passionate about improving the lives of people in India through technology and innovation. Navin is the CEO and  lead developer  of social enterprise Hydrotec Solutions. He has developed water solution on sustainable energy with his vast knowledge of water and effluent treatment. He is an aspiring data scientist. Want to talk to Navin? Book a meeting with him.  

Jyotsna Trivedi - Founder & Director


Jyotsna is interested in using her knowledge of the behavioral sciences in marketing and research. Jyotsna is founder and Director  of social enterprise Hydrotec Solution. She is the Marketing and Business Development Manager with focus on creating new opportunities. She works on partnerships, social media strategy, campaigning and outreach. Want to talk to Jyotsna? Book a meeting with her. 

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